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UNESCO-ISI online training workshop on Sediment Transport Measurement and Monitoring (July 5-9, 2021)
Release time: 2021-04-30


Dear colleagues,


The ISI Online Training Workshop on Sediment Transport Measurement and Monitoring will take place from July 5-9, 2021, and represents a key initiative of the International Sediment Initiative (ISI) of UNESCO for 2021. It meets the objectives of the new strategy of ISI, which in turn is a contribution to the 8th phase of the IHP (2014-2021), focuses on “Water security: responses to local, regional and global challenges”, and addresses the wide-ranging environmental, social and economic impacts of erosion, sediment transport and sedimentation processes. Measurement and monitoring of sediment transport are of critical importance for managing and mitigating these impacts.


DATE: July 5-9, 2021

ONLINE PLATFORM: IWHR Webinar system (similar to ZOOM, the website will provide details)



The training workshop will extend over five days and will including lectures and discussion. The lectures will address the following topics:

1.      Standard measurement and monitoring techniques used to collect data on water discharge and sediment loads for rivers and reservoirs;

2.      Recent advances in sediment transport measurement and monitoring: online monitoring of suspended sediment concentrations in rivers;

3.      Sediment measurement and monitoring methods for mountain streams;

4.      Measuring erosion and sediment yields on slopes and in small catchments for soil and water conservation; and

5.      Application of sediment data in controlling sediment-related ecological problems.



Five days, July 5-9, 2021, two hours for each day, with an additional 40 minutes on the final day.  The core time slots are:

·         Coordinated Universal Time(UTC): 8:00-10:00

·         Central European Time (CET): 9:00-11:00

·         Eastern European Time (EET), Central/Western Africa Time (CAT&WAT): 10:00-12:00

·         China Standard Time (CCT): 16:00-18:00



The total number of registered trainee participants will be approximately 30.  These participants will have to register (no fees) by submitting an application indicating their interest in attending the Training Workshop. The organizers might need to select potential participants based on their background.


Interested participants should submit an application to attend the Workshop using the enclosed form as soon as possible and by a final deadline of June 18, 2021.


Please fine details in the attached Brochure.


We look forward to your participation in ISI Online Training Workshop, and please help disseminate this email to anyone who might be interested.

 UNESCO-ISI Online Training Brochure.pdf

UNESCO-ISI Online Training RegForm.docx


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