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Secretary General of WASWAC attended the 9th International Conference of ESSC
Release time: 2019-10-08

The 9th international congress of ESSC was held at the Agricultural University of Tirana (Albania) from 26 to 28 September 2019. The objective is to present up to date research results, practical examples, and policies, to support the role played by soil resources on human existence and as a source of food and life supporting services. It is hosted by the European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC), organized by the Agricultural University of Tirana, and jointly hosted by International Union of Soil Sciences, World Association of Soil and Water Conservation.

The theme of this congress is “Soil's Contribution to People: from Food to Life Supporting Services”. More than 70 representatives from 14 countries and regions attended the meeting. Experts from Spain, Russia, Belgium, Albania and other countries were invited as speaker, discussing and exchanging cutting edge research topic in soil conservation area. There were 4 invited lectures, 28 oral presentations and 48 posters at the meeting.

Secretary-general Prof. Duihu Ning of WASWAC was invited to attend the meeting and made an oral presentation entitled with “Evaluating indices system for ecological benefits of soil and water conservation”. He introduced the objectives and methods to build the evaluating indices system, which includes five perspectives: water, soil, meteorology, biology and carbon sequestration.

Prof. Ning also communicated with other council members of WASWAC, including Prof. Carmelo Dazzi from Italy (President of the European Society of Soil Conservation), Prof. José Luis Rubio (Vice president of WASWAC), Prof. Ildefonso Pla Sentis from Spain, and Prof. Mike Fullen from the U.K. They exchanged ideas about the arrangements of the upcoming WASWAC World Conference IV in India, nomination of some awards of WASWAC, nomination for new council member and recent work of the WAWAC secretary.

The last day the representatives visited the Center for Agro-Technology Transfer, QTTB, which belongs to the Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Albania, which focuses on helping Albanian farmers implement sustainable technology extension in crop, water, soil and livestock management. The center is also responsible for the national soil survey of Albania and carries out regular soil sampling and testing on a scale of 1:10,000. By the end of 2018, the center had surveyed about 300,000 hectares of land and completed the analysis of the chemical and physical properties of all soil samples. During the field visit, the representatives conducted in-depth on-site discussions on the formation of local soil and land use mode, focusing on the development process of typical soil profile, centering on the theme of soil sustainable use and soil conservation.

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