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China and UNESCO signed an agreement concerning IRTCES
Release time: 2005-12-02

It is reported that a signing ceremony was held in Beijing between the Government of P. R. China and UNESCO concerning IRTCES on November 30, 2005. On behalf of the Chinese Government, Mr. Wang Shucheng - Minister of Water Resources, signed the agreement with Mr. Ko?chiro Matsuura - Director-General of UNESCO. Mr. Zhang Xuezhong, the Chinese representative at UNESCO, and other officials from MWR, UNESCO China office and staff of IRTCES attended the signing ceremony.

The agreement aims at promoting international cooperation and exchange in the field of erosion and sediment management, fully exploits the role of IRTCES in research, consultation, training, communication and cooperation in erosion and sediment control.

The signing ceremony was presided by Mr. Gao Bo, Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, Ministry of Water Resources. Mr. Kuang Shangfu, president of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, and Chairman of IRTCES, gave an address. He emphasized that IRTCES functions as a bridge and linkage for international research and cooperation in erosion and sediment control. IRTCES shall further promote scientific research, information exchange and technological cooperation with experts and scholars of different countries on the fields of reasonable utilization of water and soil resources, soil erosion prevention, ecological environment protection, strengthening of regional flood prevention, safeguarding water supply, food and ecosystem and contribute to global sustainable development.

Before the signing ceremony, Minister Wang Shucheng met with Ko?chiro Matsuura and his delegates. The two parties exchanged views on issues that both parties concerned.

The problem caused by erosion and sediment is one of the critical components formed in “three major problems” faced by human beings, such as population, resource shortage, and environment degradation. The problem caused by erosion and sediment in China is severe, and water and sand related disasters has a negative impact on the sustainable and rapid development of national economy. During the long-term practice of river management, China has established a sound theoretical foundation for research and development in dealing with problem caused by erosion and sediment, and has accumulated abundant experiences.

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