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Second International Yellow River Forum held in Zhengzhou
Release time: 2005-10-20


Mr. Wang Shucheng made an address.

Governor of Henan Province Mr. Li Chengyu made a speech.


Mr. Suo Lisheng chaired the opening ceremony.

Mr. Li Guoying made a welcome speech.

Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander made a speech.

Conference Hall

Water specialists from more than 60 countries and regions gathered in Zhengzhou for participating the Second International Yellow River Forum that shall last from October 18-21, 2005. The honorable chairman of the Organizing Commitee of the forum and the Minister of Water Resources- Mr. Wang Shucheng made an address at the opening ceremony of the forum. Vice Minister Suo Lisheng chaired the opening the ceremony. Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander attended the opening ceremony and also made a speech.

The forum shall focus on the main theme of “sustaining healthy lives of rivers” and conduct a wide range of discussions on the subjects of water environment and ecosystem protection, water right and pricing, water policy, integrated water resources management and water resources allocation and water diversion etc.

The First International Yellow River Forum was held in 2003, which attracted worldwide attention. The forum lays a foundation for experts all over the world sharing experiences in river development and management, and play a critical role in strengthening academic exchanges and cooperation and further promoting the development, protection and modernization of the Yellow River Basin.

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