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Bilingual Math Professors Recruitment Notice
Release time: 2019-05-29


China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) is scheduled to recruit math professors for teaching both domestic and international students who study as master’s or Ph.D. candidates at IWHR. Details about this position are listed below.


Position Title


Math professor or associate professor at Graduate School of IWHR


Number of Recruitment


Two Math professors or associate professors




Teaching Mathematics in English to International students who study as master’s or Ph.D. candidates at IWHR.

Teaching Mathematics in Mandarin to Chinese students who study as master’s or Ph.D. candidates at IWHR.

Courses are mainly taught in English.

Courses mainly include Numerical Analysis, Applied Statistics, and Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equation etc.


Main Duties:

1. Developing course syllabuses for master’s and Ph.D. candidates based on the requirement for the postgraduate education.


2. Preparing and giving lectures according to requirements and duties assigned by IWHR.


3. Setting students’ assignments, giving tutorials, and taking responsibility for examinations and other related activities.


4. Participating in students’ management and psychological guidance.


5. Undertaking IWHR’s research projects that require sophisticated mathematical skills.




1. Educational Background:

Doctoral degree in Basic Mathematics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Statistics or other related majors with solid theoretical foundation.


2. Working experience and Teaching qualification

Priority is given to applicants who have experiences and teaching qualifications listed below:


*  Overseas study experiences in mathematics major with corresponding doctoral degree or mathematics teaching experience in overseas colleges or universities.

*   Bilingual mathematics teaching certificate

*   Bilingual mathematics teaching experience in famous domestic universities.


3. Ability and Quality

Fluent and accurate spoken English and Mandarin; outstanding ability to search and utilize teaching resources, to develop, design and integrate curriculum, to optimize teaching approaches, to create positive learning atmosphere, and to design, organize and participate in student’s activities.


4. Characteristic features

Earnest working attitude, strong sense of responsibility, professional dedication, great enthusiasm for education.


Salary and Benefits


*    Labor agreement will be signed for the first semester. After the first semester, the professors or associate professors with excellent performance will be hired through IWHR’s Recruitment Program of Talented Scholars, enjoying the same salary and benefits as IWHR’s employees in IWHR and having winter and summer vacations.

*    Applicants who have teaching experience in “985” “211” or “Double Tops” Universities with local residence permit in Beijing, or who have teaching experience in famous overseas universities will be recruited directly through IWHR’s Recruitment Program of Talented Scholars.

*    IWHR provides a highly competitive remuneration for the recruited applicants and the specific criteria for the remuneration will be determined through negotiating with applicants based on their eligibility.


Application Materials


Candidates need to provide the following materials for primary selection:


1.   Application form in Chinese or English


2. Resume


3. List of dissertation and/or papers that have been published or accepted


4. Statement of your teaching experiences


5. Three reference letters (Referees’ signatures are needed)


6. Other materials you think are needed for this position (e.g. award certificate, previous appointment notice)


Please send email to IWHR Graduate School with your resume and other relevant documents and indicate your contact information in your resume. The subject of the email should be application (teaching position) + graduated college or university + major.


Recruiting Procedure


Application materials will be reviewed and the shortlisted candidates will be informed when and where the interview will take place.


This is a long-term recruitment and the interview may be held in several batches, and the specific time will be sent to applicants by email.


Contact Information


IWHR Graduate School

20 Chegongzhuang West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100048, China

Email Address:

Telephone: 86-10-68786164


If you want to apply through IWHR’s Recruitment Program of Talented Scholars, please consult the Human Recourses Department by email at  or by telephone 86-10-68781700




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