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The 5th International Yellow River Forum
Release time: 2011-09-01

Ensuring Water Right of the River’s Demand and

Healthy River Basin Maintenance



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Yellow River Conservancy Commission

China Yellow River Foundation

September 24-28, 2012



The 5th International Yellow River Forum (IYRF) on ensuring water right of the river’s demand and healthy river basin maintenance will take place on October 16~19, 2012 in China. We are very pleased to present this invitation for you.


The IYRF Organizing Committee will hold the forum jointly with well-known institutions and organizations in worldwide water field, such as the Global Water Partnership, International Commission on Large Dams, World Wide Fund for Nature etc. And seminars will be organized on climate change, severe water resource crisis, water shortage and efficiency management. The forum will focus on hot spots of water issues about the integrated water resources and river basin management. Facing the deteriorating ecological and living environment, taking into account demands of both rivers and human beings, to ensure water right of the river’s demand is to protect the ecosystem and sustainable development of rivers and provide positive support for living and development of human beings.


During the forum, there will be a large-scale exhibition of product and achievement in the water and related fields, which consists of achievements in water resources management, water equipment, and high-tech water exhibition etc.


Welcome to join us and bring together all your experiences and thoughts on river management!



1. Central theme

Ensuring water right of the river’s demand and healthy river basin maintenance


2. Main Topics

Advanced river basin and water resources management with social and economic development

Ensuring water right of the river’s demand with strategy and measures of keeping healthy river

Strict and efficient management of water resources in the river basin

Adaptation and measures of water resources management in river basins due to global climate change

Ecological protection and sustainable water utilization in river basins

Structural and non-structural measures with new technology to ensure water right of the river’s demand

Water security, water transfer and advanced water saving technology and monitoring equipment

Culture and civilization development in river harnessment history

Sediment management of high silt-laden rivers and reservoirs

Application of experiences and new technologies of water resources management


3. Important Events


Exhibition of advanced water technology and products


We will provide exhibition area for the participants during the forum. We sincerely welcome all companies, organizations and individuals exhibit products and pictures.


During the exhibition, the Forum Organizing Committee will provide site and equipment for your convenience. If you would like to join in, please fill in the Form 3 (as attached) and return it to the Forum Secretariat via mail, fax or email no later than February 15, 2012. Please contact the Forum Secretariat directly if having any questions.


The exhibition consists of different issues such as water and river basin management, ecological environment, drinking water treatment, water saving irrigation, equipment and product of water saving, water and hydropower technology, construction machinery, water informatization construction etc.


Special session


During the forum, special sessions will be held such as high-level bilateral dialogue, start-up of international cooperation project, river culture and human civilization session, advanced technology transfer etc.


Technical Visit


One-day technical visit will be arranged to visit the Xiaolangdi Reservoir, Huayuankou Embankments, the Yellow River Museum, Laboratories for Yellow River modeling etc.


Other activity


During the forum, some programmes or functions will be arranged.



4. Working Language

  English & Chinese



5. Call for Paper

Paper proceedings of the past four IYRFs have been included into the search text of CPCI-S. High-level papers are called for in this forum. After reviewing of the Forum Technical Committee, accepted papers will be collected in the Forum Proceedings and be published.


· Abstract

Abstract should be 200 minimum and 400 maximum in words. Please also include names, addresses, phone & fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of all authors (if available). One of the authors should be designated as the contact person. The biography of each author is demanded either as background information. Both abstract and biography should be submitted in electronic versions in WORD format (attached forms 1-2).


· Paper

Format and guidelines used in preparation for paper peer review will be provided upon acceptance of abstracts. Final paper will have to be submitted as electronic form.


· Publication

All papers accepted for presentation at the forum will be published.



6. Important Deadlines


Submission of abstract

November 15, 2011

Notification of acceptance of abstract

December 15, 2011








Submission of full paper for review:

May 31, 2012 (Final Extension!)

Notification of paper acceptance:

June 15, 2012

Submission of final paper:

June 30, 2012

       (Attention for the above revision)


7. Forum Activities

IYRF consists of a plenary meeting and several concurrent sessions, which will last 4 days totally including one-day technical tour. During the forum, pre-forum sessions, side sessions and special sessions will be arranged according to the schedule.



8. Notice

l  Organizations and individuals, who would like to join in the forum or exhibition, could contact the Forum Secretariat via telephone, fax, and email etc.

l  Authors who submit final paper for publication imply a firm commitment to present their papers at the forum.

l  All accepted speakers are expected to register for and pay the registration fee, and attend the forum on time.



9. Contact Person

a. IYRF Organizing Committee:


Mr. Shang Hongqi, Secretary-general; Tel: +86-371-66025954

Mr. Ma Xiao, Deputy Secretary-general; Tel: +86-371-66026458

Ms. Sun Feng, Deputy Secretary-general; Tel: +86-371-66020224

Mr. Sun Yangbo, Deputy Division Chief; Tel: +86-371-66028261

Mr. Tian Kai, Deputy Division Chief; Tel: +86-371-66022413


b. IYRF Secretary:


Address: Secretariat of International Yellow River Forum,

Yellow River Conservancy Commission,

11 Jinshui Road, Zhengzhou 450003, China


Contact person:

Ms. Fan Jie, Tel: +86-371-66022479

Mr. Li Yuehui, Tel: +86-371-66028570

Mr. Zhang Huaxing, Tel: +86-371-66028571

Mr. Tong Yifeng, Tel: +86-371-66028573

Fax: +86-371-66024477


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