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Proceedings of US-China Workshop on Advanced Computational Modelling in Hydroscience and Engineerin
Release time: 2006-02-24
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Applications of Mathematical Modeling to Sediment Research in the Three Gorges Project        By  Tan Ying

On the Application of GIS to Automated Planning and Design of Hydro-Systems                     By      Wu Baolin  

Sediment Transport Research In Shallow Overland Flow – A Phenomenological Description
By Matt J.M. Römkens, Shyam N. Prasad, and S. Madhusudana Rao

The Role of Subsurface Water in Contributing to Streambank Erosion
By Garey Fox, Glenn Wilson, Raja Periketi, Leili Gordji, and Bobby Cullum

A SPARROW Model of Mean Sediment Flux for the Conterminous U.S.
By Gregory E. Schwarz , Richard A. Smith , Richard B. Alexander , and John R. Gray

Sediment Surrogate Technologies
By John R. Gray

Development and Validation of Integrated Coastal Process Models for Simulating Hydrodynamics and Morphological Processes
By Yan Ding

Visualization Simulation System in Coastal and Estuarine Areas
By Xin Wenjie,Luo Xiaofeng

On The Reliability And Accuracy Of Computational Models For Hydroscience
And Engineering Investigations

By Sam S.Y. Wang

Numerical Model Validation Using Physical Model Data
By Jia Yafei, Sam S.Y. Wang 

Measured And Simulated Flow Near Spur Dikes
By Roger A. Kuhnle , Yafei Jia , and Carlos V. Alonso

Simulation Of Sediment Transport And Channel Morphology Change In Large River Systems
By Stephen H. Scott , and Yafei Jia

Application of Multi-Dimensional Numerical Modeling To Real World Complex Hydraulic Problems
By Phil Combs , Harry Rayner , and Yafei Jia

Two-Dimensional Modeling Of Dam Break Flooding Using The CCHE2D- Dambreak Model
By Jeff Jorgeson

Modeling Flood Inundation Due To Dam And Levee Breach  
By Xinya Ying and Sam S.Y. Wang

A Numerical Model For Sediment Transport In Floodplains Of The Yellow River Basin
By Li Yong, Liang Guoting, Jiang Naiqian
Application Of Two-Dimensional Mathematical Model To The Study Of The
Yangtze River Waterway Improvement

Numerical Simulation On Navigation Condition In The River Reach Between
Three-Gorges Project And Gezhouba Project

Three-Dimensional Modeling For Sediment Transport In The Pearl River Estuary
By Wang Chonghao, Onyx W. H. Wai , Hu Chunhong 

Generalized Sediment Transport Models For Alluvial Rivers And Reservoirs
By Chih Ted Yang , Francisco J. M. Simões , Jianchun Huang  and Blair Greimann

1-D Reservoir Sediment Mathematical Model For Heavily Sediment–Laden
Rivers And Its Application

By Zhang Yanqing, Hu Chunhong, Wang Yangui

1-D Sediment Numerical Model And Its Application
By Wu Weimin,Yang Guolu

One-Dimensional Sediment Mathematic Model HELIU-2 And Its Application
In The Three Gorges Project

By Huang Yue, Huang Yuling

2D Numerical Simulation Of Water Flow And Sediment Transport In the Typical Straight And Tiny Meandering Channels Of The Middle Yangtze River 

By Lu Yongjun 

On The Use Of Eddy Resolving Techniques To Simulated River
Transport Processes And Flow Around Hydraulic Structures

By George Constantinescu

Development And Application Of NCCHE’s Sediment Transport Models
By Weiming Wu, Sam S.Y. Wang

Applications Of Numerical Simulation In Solving Key Sediment Problems Of
The Yellow River

By Guo Qingchao, Hu Chunhong

he Alternative Derivative Control Volume Method For Simulating Free
Surface Flow
By Li Yueya 

Development And Application Of A Visualized System For 2-D Mathematic
Model Of Lower Yellow River Based On GIS

By Liang Guoting, Jiang Naiqian

Study On Integration Of Sediment Digital Simulation & Material Model And
Its Application

By Fan Beilin, Wan Jinrong, Chen Yiwu

The State Of Art In Hydro And Water Modeling And The Programmatic Needs Of US Government
By Steve McCutcheon 

Development And Application Of A Three Dimensional Water Quality Model
For A Shallow Oxbow Lake

By Xiaobo Chao, Yafei Jia, F. Douglas Shields, Jr., and Sam S.Y. Wang

Evaluation Of Watershed Conservation Practices With The USDA
Conservation Planning Tool – AnnAGNPS
By Ronald L. Bingner

Modeling Hydrodynamics, Channel Morphology, And Water Quality Using CCHE1D
By Dalmo A. Vieira

River System And Watershed Modeling: Current Effort And Future Direction
Byu Yong G. Lai

2d Depth-Averaged Sediment Transport Model Taken Into Account Of Bend Flow
By Fang Chunming

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